Friday, November 13, 2009

Grand Ayatollah Monazeri against nuclear weapons

The iranian Grand Ayatollah Monazeri made a Fatwa against weapons of massdestruction.

Monday, November 09, 2009

President Medvedev - Berlin Speech

Speech of President of Russian Federation D.Medvedev at Celebrations Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s FallDMITRY MEDVEDEV: Dear Madam Federal Chancellor, Mr President, Mayor of Berlin, ladies and gentlemen,

I am very happy to be with you today and take part in the celebrations in a free and united Berlin.

Today, as we profess the rules of free and open cooperation, as we overcome current difficulties and resolve the problems engendered by the crisis, we understand just how significant the events of 20 years ago were. It was precisely then that the Berlin Wall was demolished, a wall that symbolised a confrontation between people, between close friends. The wall did not simply divide one country – as we understand today it divided all of Europe.

Of course we must not forget that her fall was predetermined, prepared by the transformations that were then gaining strength in the Soviet Union, in other states.

The role of the Soviet Union in Germany's peaceful reunification really was crucial. These events brought freedom and progress to Europe and became pivotal for the fate of the entire world.

We must remember that the process of German reunification was associated with the attitudes of vast numbers of people and, of course, with the position adopted by the Soviet leadership at that time. As a result, families were reunited, people could finally see each other, the iron curtain was dismantled, and borders were eliminated.

Today, neither the Soviet Union nor East Germany exist on the map, but millions of people who lived, worked and brought up their children during that time still do. And we highly value the fact that the 20 years since these events has been a special period for relations between Russia and Germany, a period for constructing new partnerships and establishing very respectful relations.

Our peoples had the historical courage to transcend memories of things past and achieve a historic reconciliation after World War II. They were reasonable enough to preserve the achievements of modern Europe.

Here in Berlin I would like to say that we all hope that this period of confrontation has become a thing of the past. Today's transition to a new multipolar world is very important for most countries, for all European countries and the entire world. And a unifying agenda is very important for everyone, as the planet continues to respond to the most dangerous threats: economic and regional ones, and our common fight against terrorism and crime.

I hope that we have all rejected divisive barriers which separated us in the past.

Today, dear friends, we would like to work on this agenda together, think about our children, our future, our common Europe. This is very important for Russian citizens.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Berliners, I wish you success, prosperity and all the best.

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